Friday, October 31, 2008

New Teeth, New Game

Nyobi has her first tooth! We spotted it growing out of her lower gum's yesterday, which would explain the temperature and temper tantrums I lived through yesterday afternoon. It does not explain the vomit, but I don't think there is an explanation for baby vomit. It just happens.

Cora has a new game. She loves memory. We made memory tiles out of stickers and paper, and have been matching the pictures. She is pretty good at finding the matches and remembering. Of course there are only twelve tiles. Now all I need to do is make a set of tiles with letters on them.

I left Cora in the kitchen playing memory tiles, and Nyobi in the swing, bibbed and ready for her morning feeding of baby food. I went to use the bathroom. I came back to Coras excited crys of "Mommy come here! Mommy look!" I got ready to ooh and ahh over another great match of memory tiles.

Instead my eyes were greated by my two year old, baby spoon and baby food jar in hand, pointing precariously toward the front of the baby swing. In the five minutes of my absence Cora fed nyobi a quarter of a jar of baby food, most of which, because Nyobi was too busy smiling, ended up on Nyobis bib, chest and hands. Both were excessively please with eachother. Both were covered in pasty oatmeal with pears and cinnemon.

Another two outfits relegated to the laundry pile.

Note to self. Do not put babyfood within reach of Cora. Wait, its better than cheese its isn't it?

What happened to the memory chips?

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