Friday, October 10, 2008

Something Strange, this way Comes.

Since having a child I have met creatures I did not know existed. Here are a couple of the most recent and cutest things that Coras imagination brought to life. Hopefully this is simply a usual childhood trend and I will not spend years dodging lightening harnessing resucitation machines.

At the restaurant the other day, I met Squishy. That is the name of the pencil topper octopus Cora found in my purse. Squishy borrowed Cora's pen. Squishy drank some of Cora's milk. Cora even made the sippy noise for her. To top it all off, squishy wiped her mouth on Cora's napkin.

Then Squishy jumped on to the floor, inciting Cora to jump down after her and rescue her. This of course was a necessity, which my daughter tried to explain to me trumped the "stay in your seat" order Mom gave her. Finally, at the end of lunch, Squishy jumped back into her bubble gum machine ball, and was stored safely in my purse for the next lunch.

Oing Loing wasn't that lucky. Oin Loing was purchased at a craft fair. He bounced around, the yarn spider that he was, on the end of his elastic thread. He bounced so much in the ten minutes we spent walking the craft fair, that the elastic broke.

In a fit of frustration or bordom, Cora then removed the eyes. After a visit to the emergency Mom hospital, he is now residing on the halloween decorations. Cora still talks to him.

Where squishy and oing loing came from, there are many more creatures to come. I am sure an imaginary freind will eventually take responsibility for some small disaster or another. I look forward to meeting them, and speaking to each one. After all, imagination got me 10 minutes of browsing at a craft fair I never would have had. Perhaps I should go catch an imaginary fly for Oing Loing.

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