Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Newness Does Not Last

Within 24 hours of being in my house, my new couch absorbed spilled juice and baby puke. I expected this sort of abuse. I purchased with this sort of abuse in mind, but it always gets me that small children both gravitate toward new objects in the house and manage to destroy thier newness.

Friday I purchased a new pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. With a burp rag on my lap, i sat in a chair with my youngest, talking and holding her. She had not eaten in over half an hour, putting her outside the regurgitation period.

I hear a pop noise coming from her, and look down. A huge glob of baby puke exits her mouth with a surprisingly large horizontal tragetory. It totally misses the aforementioned burp rag, and instead flops down on the zipper panel of my new jeans. The slimey goo refused to wipe gracefully, and left a strong odor of stale milk in its wake. The jeans went in the wash, and the baby went back to Daddy while I changed.

Nyobi never pukes like that. The one day she does, I have on jeans I've worn for less than 24 hours. So much for new.

Newness does not last because children are present in a home. Some weird feng shui balance principle reserves the title new for them.

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