Monday, October 13, 2008

The Zoo.

Waking up to a beautiful and warm day in October, I turned to my husband, snuggled up and suggested that we go to the zoo. Instead of answering me, he sighed deeply with contentment and commented on the fact that the only people in bed right now were him and I. At that point and time, Cora's footsteps approached down the hallway, and a little voice started calling "Moom, mom!" as she approached.

Cora was moderately excited about going to the zoo. She didn't really understand what a zoo was though. When we first got there, her only interest was playing in the leaves and chasing ground squirrels. Then we hit the first exhibit.

A flurry of body energy passed into her as she clung to the viewing bars and pointed to the pool filled with Pelicans and Flamingos. "Look daddy!" she said with great excitement. "My favorite chickens." The eagle was also a member of the ubiquitous chicken family. The tapir, and warthogs were either doggies or pigs. Any reptile was a snake, except the turtle, which had its own name. Llamas are horsies. The chimps, and sloth were both monkeys, and the cats were kitties, no matter the size.

It really is hard to catagorize animals if you have never seen them before, and I'm proud of my daughter for getting so many close to their relatives. I am not proud of her for calling her sister a monkey this morning. I told her she couldn't have one of hr favorite chickens as a pet.

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