Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gum and Coffee

There is a serious problem with your life when the following happens:

My 2 year old daughter saw that I was dragging and irritable. When I grabbed my hair after catching her yet again trying to get the gum off the top of the TV, I groaned, "I'm soo tired of this."

She went into the kitchen, and got her chair. She dragged it over to the counter, got the coffee down, the coffee pot out of the coffee maker, and a napkin.

She then proceeded to use the napkin as a coffee filter, put it in the right place and fill it with grounds. This is the point where I enter the kitchen. "What are you doing?" I demand.

"You tired." she says. "I make you coffee."

She might be a pain in the butt kid some days, but she is MY pain in the butt kid, and I think she might just love me.

1 comment:

Michigan MOM said...

And aren't you the luckiest person in the world?????????????