Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Big Too!

With your first child, their only other examples are parents. They accept the difference of treatment quite readily. Parents are parents after all, and children are children. With the second child there is another example of treatment, the older child. At five months, Nyobi is beginning to notice this disparity of treatment. Her expressive eyes seem to flash the reproachful statement "I'm Big Too!"

When Cora brings my a bottle of pop and asks for a sip, I open it up. I take a sip then pass it to her. Nyobi watches us disappointingly. "I'm big too!" those eyes say. "I want some!" She gives a little whine of protest as I set the bottle down and re-cap it.

As Cora plays with her cars on the floor, Nyobi watches and begins to crab. "I'm big too!" she says. "Why can't I have a car to play with?" Then when her frustration grows at not being able to play with it properly the real tears begin.

That is why second children do so much stuff way before the first one did. They seem to notice that small people are allowed to do these fun things, and they don't seem to understand the size difference functionality. So as I slip another spoon full of chocolate ice cream into Nyobis mouth, kiss her little spoiled nose, I remember that second children are special.

Did I mention I'm a second child? Thats why I get chocolate ice cream.

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Michigan Mom said...

Second children really ARE special!