Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sharp these please!

Cora is a color aficionado, but she does not like crayons. Her favorite tool for putting shade on paper is paint. Her favorite tool for putting shade on skin are markers. She occasionally gets to paint. I must be crazy, but I let her sit on the floor and slather paper and little wood boxes with acrylics.

I also discovered that a fine toothed comb can remove acrylic from hair, and that cello pads get it off of linolium with out scratching the floor surface.

Currently the compromise color tools are pencils. She has a variety of colored pencils, which she uses to super saturate the pages of her coloring books, her craft papers and if I do not supervise well, her walls. She likes them to be sharp. She likes them to be really sharp, and it makes her smile a goofy little smile that I can totally relate to.

Unfortunately Cora cannot seem to say "sharpen." Every time she tries it comes out "sharp-". A swallowed e at the end signifying her efforts to make it the correct word. These colored pencils have a new name too, they are her "sharps."

"Mooom, sharp these sharps please!" she asks.

"sharpen, shar---- PEN" I enunciate for her.

"Yeah Mom, Please" she says, totally avoiding the language lesson.

"okay, give me the sharps." I say with a sigh.

Its nice to know that I'm teaching her language. Or vice versa...

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Michiagan mom said...

It is always vise versa.... but that is really what makes life so much fun. Seeing it thru your childs eyes. So simple! Just smmile!