Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All That Effort, and Foiled by Mom.

Nyobi can crawl. Well rather she can push up on her hands and slide her whole body. Unfortunately, she only goes backwards. Put her down on the floor and eventually she rolls over onto her stomach and begins to scoot around the room.

Usually she is trying to get to the toy in front of her. She stares at it in deep concentration. She pushes up. She slides backwards. She then raises her hands and feet off the ground and wiggles them trying to get that forward thing working. Sometimes she uses one arm and reaches for it with pudgy little fingers. Other times she talks to it, with soft happy baby noises, which roughly translate as. "Come closer little chewable object!"

She's been attempting to move forward for the last couple days, so the excitement and urgency are no longer as obvious as when she first discovered her ability to move. Last night was different.

Last night there was a Christmas cookie on a napkin on the floor about two feet in front of her head. Having come to the conclusion that big people food (especially anything associated with Cora) is much better than baby food (pureed green beans and brown rice, bleck!) she zeroed in on the treat. After a quick attempt at cookie whispering, she tried to move.

It resulted in the same backward motion.

So she arched her back. With hands and feet off the ground she began to kick frantically, waving her hands to increase the natural rocking motion. Her eyes were glued on the cookie. She kept it up for quite a while. Finally Mom picked her up, her eyes still focused on the dratted treat.

Wow is she going to go fast when she figures out that her tummy is supposed to be up and her hands and knees down.

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