Monday, December 22, 2008

A Flicker of Light

Our Christmas tree is beautiful, and its created a couple interesting problems in our house. I waited until a few nights ago to tinsel it. Between the active re decorator (Cora) and the active de-tinselers (cats), it was just easier to give the tinsel less time to spread out.

Cora woke up in the morning, walked down the hall and stopped about five feet from the lit up tree. She approached with caution, leaning in and wrinkling up her nose and face with a look of displeasure. "WHAT is ON my tree, Mom?" she quearied. The accusion in her voice when she said my name was paramount.

She now accepts and appreciates the tinsel. Nyobi had no such issues. That is probably because her vocabulary consists mostly of baby sounds and the mornful middle of the night maaa maaa. She found a piece of tinsel on the floor and spent a good ten minutes trying to pick it up. Then once she managed to free the staticy piece from the floor, she put it where EVERYTHING goes these days.

I gave her her chew keys when I took the tinsel away, but she wasn't done attempting to eat the tree yet. A few minutes later, I noticed the lights on the tree were flikering. I looked up just in time to do an across the room dash.

Babys with sharp little teeth should probably not chew on the light cord for the christmas tree.

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