Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little white Lies

Cora came into Nyobis room with two jars of baby food. I asked her where she got them. It was important to know whether she got into the pantry (discouraged but not punishable) or my bedroom closet where Santa stores Christmas presents (punishable and usually locked). She looked at me and hemmed and hawed. Finally, her mind settled on the "right answer" i.e. the one that owuld get her in the least trouble in her mind.

"Your closet mommy." She answered, her eyes twinkling with pent up devilry.

I turned her around swatted her butt and sent her to her bed. She left crying as I followed out of the room. I looked in my bed room, and the closit door was closed. Worse than that the hook and eye at the top of the door, well out of her reach was still secure. I looked out in the hallway again, and sure enough, the pantry door was wide open and the baby food jars were spilled across the hall.

Thats when it hit me. Cora LIED to me about where she got the food. She did it thinking she would avoid punishment, but all it did was make the punishment worse. The worst part was that I spanked her for getting in the pantry (not a spankable offense). Wait, I thought. Pausing as I looked at the tear streaked face in the room across from me.

She lied.

Now I know what the lecture can be on!

Sometimes parents can be the stupid parties.

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