Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mushrooms for the Holidays

Cora has hard time remembering the difference between items. She mixes up sugar, salt and flour. She calls any white goop in the fridge sour cream, which means that pumpkin pie is topped with sour cream in her mind. Actually that sounds kind of good.

These mind switches resulted in some interesting names. she calls bananas blini's. She calls mac n' cheese simply cheese. After all, the mac part is relatively un important in her mind.

The most hilarious and well documented switch she makes is a bit obtuse. She mixes up mushrooms and shrimp. It might be the shr noise in both of them. She will ask for shrimp while holding a can of mushrooms, or ask for mushrooms when she sees the shrimp in the freezer.

I am tempted to make a dish with both of them in it, just to see what she does.

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Michigan mom said...

Interesting! I think you should try that!