Friday, December 26, 2008

The day after Christmas

Its the day after Christmas, all is quiet in the house.
Nyobi got up at 6:30, which means moms up and about. The boys are asleep. Cora went down at 9:00 last night, and has barely stirred. She wore new Christmas clothes to bed. Nyobi is wearing a colorful outfit (not new clothes) and snuggling with mom on the couch while we blog about the holiday.

This is the first christmas that Cora will probably remember. Santa came. Santa even ate the garlic cookies which some silly mother stamped out in attractive shapes. There were little do hickeys and trinkets galore. The favorite gift seems to be the paint set that Santa left. Now if only he had left a floor cleaner for mom...

Pete installed his new memory in his now warrentyless netbook on the fourth try. Kelly is psyched to have two new games to woop Petes butt at, and Nyobi has glow in the dark nookies (FINALLY! I'll be able to find the Bleeping things a 3 am at Nannys house.)

And then there is the question of love. My living room is strewn with small child toys, and colored pencils, but my daughters favorite Christmas present was getting to drag her two bachelor uncles to her room for some one on one block tower building. Nyobi broke the all time sleep record by failing to take longer than a 20 minute nap all day, ensuring that she spent time in everyones arms, and tried to pull off parts of everyones faces.

If you could explain why she ONLY puked on Mom, I would appreciate that. In the end, christmas is not about the things, though they are nice and shiny, but about the memories. Next week, the toys will still be here. The computer toys will seem like they have always been installed, the games played, and the slinky...

Actually the slinky probably didn't make it through today.

It will not be "another slinky" that Cora will ask for. She will ask to go see Uncles Beer and Shorty, and to go to Nannys house. She will ask for that magic of christmas again. To spend time sitting on the floor with Mom and Dad in her pajamas playing with goofy little trinkets and eating a pound of sugar.

I better hide the christmas candy before she wakes up.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Flicker of Light

Our Christmas tree is beautiful, and its created a couple interesting problems in our house. I waited until a few nights ago to tinsel it. Between the active re decorator (Cora) and the active de-tinselers (cats), it was just easier to give the tinsel less time to spread out.

Cora woke up in the morning, walked down the hall and stopped about five feet from the lit up tree. She approached with caution, leaning in and wrinkling up her nose and face with a look of displeasure. "WHAT is ON my tree, Mom?" she quearied. The accusion in her voice when she said my name was paramount.

She now accepts and appreciates the tinsel. Nyobi had no such issues. That is probably because her vocabulary consists mostly of baby sounds and the mornful middle of the night maaa maaa. She found a piece of tinsel on the floor and spent a good ten minutes trying to pick it up. Then once she managed to free the staticy piece from the floor, she put it where EVERYTHING goes these days.

I gave her her chew keys when I took the tinsel away, but she wasn't done attempting to eat the tree yet. A few minutes later, I noticed the lights on the tree were flikering. I looked up just in time to do an across the room dash.

Babys with sharp little teeth should probably not chew on the light cord for the christmas tree.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little white Lies

Cora came into Nyobis room with two jars of baby food. I asked her where she got them. It was important to know whether she got into the pantry (discouraged but not punishable) or my bedroom closet where Santa stores Christmas presents (punishable and usually locked). She looked at me and hemmed and hawed. Finally, her mind settled on the "right answer" i.e. the one that owuld get her in the least trouble in her mind.

"Your closet mommy." She answered, her eyes twinkling with pent up devilry.

I turned her around swatted her butt and sent her to her bed. She left crying as I followed out of the room. I looked in my bed room, and the closit door was closed. Worse than that the hook and eye at the top of the door, well out of her reach was still secure. I looked out in the hallway again, and sure enough, the pantry door was wide open and the baby food jars were spilled across the hall.

Thats when it hit me. Cora LIED to me about where she got the food. She did it thinking she would avoid punishment, but all it did was make the punishment worse. The worst part was that I spanked her for getting in the pantry (not a spankable offense). Wait, I thought. Pausing as I looked at the tear streaked face in the room across from me.

She lied.

Now I know what the lecture can be on!

Sometimes parents can be the stupid parties.