Friday, January 2, 2009

Pudgy Little Grabbers

Nyobi is at the age of the PLG, or Pudgy Little Grabbers. They reach out infront of her where ever she goes , fat palms open, and make soft warm, intimate baby contact. Nestled against your cheek, they pat softly, as she goos at you, then she digs in her little razer sharp finger nails and tries and pulls off your skin.

The PLG slash out, making it hard to hold a glass of hot coffee or red wine without having it tipped sideways or sampled by short stubby fingers. It would be a really annoying habit, except for two things. First, there is a large amount of joy in every moment of touch and discovery that she experiences. Second, they do make spill proof cups for adults, though its not reccomended you mess up the red wine or martini one with your 3 year olds chocolate milk.

This morning, the PLG's were attempting to type, or exploring the strange texture of the laptop key board. In a fit of peevishness brought on by a few too many z's and x's in my text message, I shifted her around and voiced my annoyance. Cora decided to be helpful. She wrist grabbed the pudgy little arm to hold it out of the way. This meant that for a while I had two struggling hands, fighting for control over the laptop keyboard as a baby and three year old wrestled for dominance.

Its been one of those mornings.

PS: Cora figured out how to unlock my phone.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Bliss

Almost three must be the perfect age for Christmas. Cora is not quite ready to buy into the whole Christmas idea, but big enough to understand the idea of presents. She has no Santa fetish. She doesn't really get the Christmas eve adrenalin rush and sugar high combination, nor does she bounce out of bed on Christmas morning at four AM eager to see what Santa brought.

Instead, she is happy to go to sleep on time, wake when Mom and Dad (who do still get the adrenalin going) wake her, and listen intently as we try to explain why good behavior puts you in the red; Santa's big red heart that is. She also just loves the idea of presents.

A couple days before Christmas she helped Dad wrap presents for Mom, and Mom wrap presents for Dad. After tapping her lips and happily telling me she wanted me to see the "cards" a great hint that one of dads packages might contain a card game, she began to use the word presents. In the spirit of the holidays, she began to use a towel and wrap up various items as gifts for the kittens.

One towel, which contained a couple pairs of her play shoes was delivered. "Here kitty! I have a presy for you!" she said. The kitten looked at the big green thing coming toward her and took off.

Being two, Cora resorted to her typical method of delivery.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to lecture a two year old on throwing things, while digging a cat out of a pile of shoes and towel?

Christmas is bliss this year, because Cora was happy to give from her heart, to everyone (not just the kitties). Maybe that is the best spirit of Christmas.