Friday, January 16, 2009

Early This Morning...

In between the flying wrapping paper and the now three year old with a party horn, Nyobi woke up. Her Dad went in to get her, as I was making coffee, milk with strawberry syrup and muffins. From her room I hear a grumpy "I take it the trash in here needs to go out!"

It was more of a complaint than a question, and rightly so. On top of the trash can sat THE diaper. Let me tell you about THE diaper.

At 3:30 AM I woke up to Nyobi chatting with her Doggy T. I went into her room she smiled and giggled at me. I groggily picked her out of the crib and hugged her. Her sleave was wet. She must have been up longer and chewing on it, I thought.

Then I noticed that the wet wasn't limited to her sleave. Her stomach area, front to the neck and to the knees was soaked. A pee diaper? I thought. I set her down on the matt to change her, and began to feel the sleeper. Even the toes on the booties were wet.

I stripped her to find poop and clammy skin up to her armpits, and out the back and legs of the diaper. This was a record holding diaper. It was unfoldable. It took half a dozen wipes, at least, to clean up the butt, and a couple extra to sponge clean her skin. Then I went through the crib. After I stripped it down to the mattress and put on a new sheet, we went and got a bottle. Even the blankets will need to be cleaned today.

After putting Nyobi back in her crib with a full stomach, I stumbled across the room and picked up the diaper. Afraid it would leak, squish or flop, I just set it on top of the trash can lid, figuring that I would deal with it in the morning. I fell into bed and didn't think of it until the word Trash drifted out of the room.

And I was actually gonna weigh it before I threw it out. It probably would end up in the guiness book of world records as the most filled diaper ever.

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Michigan Mom said...

OMG I dont think that was the most filled diaper.... I remember...Ahhhh....
Interesting how when we are parents... even a poopy diaper can be a compitition!!!!!