Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Cora decided the other day that she wanted to cook. Cooking is one of coras favorite activities. She will make her own muffins (she calls them cakes), and helps me make a whole slew of other simple foods. Yesterday she decided she wanted to make pancakes. She got out a bowl for mixing, a spoon for mixing and the "just add water" pancake mix. She filled the bowl with mix, added some water, and stirred.

At this point I walked into the kitchen from changing her sister.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I making cakes." She said. Digging in my cupboards. She emerged a little bit later with the biggest frying pan I have. "I make them big for you Mommy, cuz you are HUNGRY!" She placed the pan on the floor and poured in some pancake mix.

Then she stared at the pan for a bit with deep concentration. I wonder if that is what I look like when I cook in the morning. "You need slurp." She said, and took off for the pantry.

I smiled, and walked around to get a bottle for Nyobi. As I pulled the bottle out of the cupboard, I realized that slurp was Syrup. I managed to intercept the bottle still closed. pancake mess is one thing, but cleaning syrup up is a sticky situation.

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Michigan Mom said...

I LOVE my pancakes with slurp!!!!!