Friday, January 2, 2009

Pudgy Little Grabbers

Nyobi is at the age of the PLG, or Pudgy Little Grabbers. They reach out infront of her where ever she goes , fat palms open, and make soft warm, intimate baby contact. Nestled against your cheek, they pat softly, as she goos at you, then she digs in her little razer sharp finger nails and tries and pulls off your skin.

The PLG slash out, making it hard to hold a glass of hot coffee or red wine without having it tipped sideways or sampled by short stubby fingers. It would be a really annoying habit, except for two things. First, there is a large amount of joy in every moment of touch and discovery that she experiences. Second, they do make spill proof cups for adults, though its not reccomended you mess up the red wine or martini one with your 3 year olds chocolate milk.

This morning, the PLG's were attempting to type, or exploring the strange texture of the laptop key board. In a fit of peevishness brought on by a few too many z's and x's in my text message, I shifted her around and voiced my annoyance. Cora decided to be helpful. She wrist grabbed the pudgy little arm to hold it out of the way. This meant that for a while I had two struggling hands, fighting for control over the laptop keyboard as a baby and three year old wrestled for dominance.

Its been one of those mornings.

PS: Cora figured out how to unlock my phone.

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