Monday, January 12, 2009

Puffs and Patterns

Puffs are the small delicate little melt in your mouth cereal they make for babies. Both of my children love puffs. Currently we have the blueberry version open. I think the blueberry are made by Meijers. My husband says they taste like low sugar boo berry cereal. I did not know that boo berry had a taste other than sugar.

Nyobi can now feed herself puffs. Its tricky and, depending on where they end up stuck to her pudgy little grabbers, some of them don't quite make it into her mouth. She loves doing it too. It takes alot of concentration on her part. Then, when you lift her out of her swing at the end of a self-puffing session, the misses fall out in a cascade.

I brought home some patterns for doll clothes. Cora was enamored with them. First she tried to open the envelope, but I demanded it back. No problem. She took off down the hall way, and the doll to be clothed was naked at my feed in the matter of seconds.

I guess this will teach her patience.

Hopefully, it will teach me patience as well. Either that or teach me how to sew quickly.

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