Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Vacation Adventure #1

I just returned from Kentucky, where in I learned that vacationing with children is exhilerating, exhausting and exciting. We had many adventures, the first started a few hours after we left, while stopping for breakfast at McDonalds. We chose this particular store because it had a play area with a two story childs maze. At first Cora would not go on the maze. Finally her dad and I loured her up to the top, then encouraged her down the slide. Rather her dad did. I was too busy changing the super poopy blow out diaper on Nyobi.

Once she figured out how the play area worked, Cora was enraptured. She was so enraptured that she forgot to break for her own bodily functions until the last possible moment. We rushed to the potty in the play area. It was "temporarily closed" which explained what the dust was doing on the handle.

I grabbed Nyobi and my purse, left the diaper bag and headed to the first door, which went from the play area to the restuarant proper. Why did I need to take my purse and the baby? Because the only time Cora needs to go to the bathroom on vacation are times when Dad is not there. This particular time we met him in the hall to the bathroom, and handed of the babes and my purse.

In the toilet, i boosted cora up onto the seat then took the rather disgusting poop filled panties to swish out and rinse. Somewhere in the middle of rinsing them I gave up, and threw them in the trash. They were beyond saving. Cora wanted to get down and put her pants back on and go back to the play area, but she was smeared with poop, so i told her to stay seated.

She listened as well as she usually does, and whilst I was moistening some papertowels to help clean her up, I heard a loud thwack noise from behind me.

I walked back into the play area holding her. My husband looks up from the clean table, clean happy baby, and asked puzzled "Why are you carrying her?"

"We had a bit of an accident." I said, as Cora lifted her head off my shoulder.

"Woah kid." He said. "You're lip is FAT."

"We fell off the toilet and hit our face. We aren't wearing panties, because we didn't quite make it in time, and it was loose, and we are going to need a bath tonight."

He came over and took the poor girl from me, inspecting her swollen mouth.

"Do you need to go back and clean her up some more because she still kinda smells." He asked.

"No." I answered. "thats me. The poop smell from trying to wash out her panties."

"Where are they?"

"The Trash."

"Hell of a start to the vacation."

"Yeah." I smiled. "Lets leave before the try and figure out who broke the tile on the bathroom floor."

Hopefully she doesn't demand to know where he lady bug underwear are, because I'm NOT going back to get them.

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Michigan Mom said...

OMG. I laughed and laughed. I think mostly because I have been there.... done that..... And it wasn't quite as funny as it is now! And yes, we tossed out a number of underwear for the exact reason!