Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vacation Adventure #2

Three year olds have a different idea of what constitutes fun on a vacation than most adults. For children that small, a vacation must provide two things. Junk food and TV for dinner, and a Pool. This one did both. The hotel had both a pool, and a hot tub, which, once she got used to the idea of it, cora adored.

"Mom," she said, our second of three trips to the pool. "This is your big pool here, and that hot pool is MY SIZE! This is my hot pool." As she happily sat down on the edge and dipped in her feet.

Some person who does not understand small children left a table near the button that turned on the jets. I took Cora off that table at least three times a trip.

Dinner on saturday was a delicious pineapple and ham pizza. Its one of coras favorite combinations. She even helped mommy by carrying the pizza box into the hotel for me. I didn't snap a picture though, because I was carrying a stuffed snake sovienier from the Louisville zoo, a bag of drinks, our back pack, and Nyobi. They really need to create a genetic trait that allows you to add more arms. I'll help fund research.

Cora was excellent with the potty in the hotel. In fact she used it alot the first day. When you are three new potties can be exciting. Please take notes. Potties 2, Cora 1.

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