Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Heavy Breathing

With Cora occupied with dice downstairs, and Nyobi contained in her highchair, my husband and I stopped for a quick moment of hugs and kisses. In the middle of a steamy embrace, a hubba hubba, heavy breathing sound of excitement filled the room. Unfortunately it didn't emit from either myself nor my husband.

It was Nyobi. In one of those romance killing displays of child excitement, she was doing her usually exhuberant sounding talking efforts. To a couple with kissing on their mind, it sounded like a telephone stalker whose panting lust induced sweat seems to drip through the phone line.

Our laughter brought Cora up from the basement. "Whats funny Mommy?" She asked.

I still do not know how to answer her. I just hope she beleives that Dad was tickling me.

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Michigan Mom said...

Aren't children wonderful?????