Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Dinner

It was a romantic candle light dinner. A fine wine accompanied an elegantly prepared shrimp and pasta dish, and they were served under the delicate glow of candle light. As I stared across the table into my husbands eyes, the far off sounds of splashing water served as an auditory back ground. It lasted all of fifteen minutes.

You see, the table was our own, the dinner served during one of those rare down times when both children were occupied. The splashing was our eldest, sequestered to a bubble bath for the duration of the meal, and occasionally you would hear her happy little voice commenting on another bubble creation. Nyobi mussed once, but settled quickly.

The wine was sparkling juice, courtesy of baby #3 who can not have booze yet. One candle burnt out in the middle of the meal, and it ended before dessert course with the call of "Mom? Daddy? Mommy? I ready to get out!" from the bathroom.

Romance is where you find it. If you have small children, sometimes you have to slip it in quick, and smile at the absurdity of it all. At least the shrimp dish WAS indeed elegant. Pete cooked it.

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Michigan Mom said...

You do have to remember to take those momments whenever you can!!!! Happy Valentines Day!