Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hopefully NOT Clairvoyent.

This last few weeks my energy level sunk to an all time low, and my mood, especially in the afternoons sunk from occasionally crabby to grumpy as all get out. The person who bears the brunt of the badness is not my husband. It is my eldest daughter Cora. She makes my heart glad, by showing a compassion and caring, not only for me, but for her sister and father. I do not think you can teach children this sort of compassion and caring. It is either there on not.

For instance, seeing me dragging one day, she broke into the medicine cabinet and got me some medication "for you mommy." she says, handing me three small pills. The pills worked and I didn't even have to swallow them. I no longer felt tired. I had enough adrenalin running through my system that I could probably have finished the Ironman without problems. "Did you eat any of these?" I asked with forced calm.

She picked up the unsettled undervibe in my voice and her eyes grew wide with fear. What had she done wrong? her wheels started spinning. "No" she answered.

I called poison control anyways. West Michigans number is 1-800-222-1222. That makes four calls for Cora, so far. She was crying before I got off the phone, from nothing other than nerviousness over my change in demeanor. Is she clairvoyent? Does she know what I'm thinking? Can she see things others can not? My great grandmother was excellent at that sort of stuff.

Being as sensitive as Cora is, I do wonder if she is clairvoyent. Not that I put much stock in such extra sight, but it would be strange to have a daugther who could see the unseen. Whilste I was contemplating this fact, my daughter leaned over and touched my stomach. "We are going to have two babies." she said.

"yes," I replied absently. "Nyobi and the new baby."

"No" she corrected me. "Mommy and Daddy, and Cora, and Nyobi and TWO NEW BABIES!"

She just cares about her mom. She is NOT clairvoyent. How helpful of her to supply me with a little extra adrenalin in the afternoon though...

"And they are inside daddy." she finishes.

Right. Why am I worried? Back to anatomy 101. "No honey, daddys can't get pregnant...Only mommies get pregnant."

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michigan mom said...

Isn't she wonderful???? How very very lucky you are!!!