Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Concept of Time

Children comprehend the world they live in much differently from adults. One Concept that is evidently difficult for them to wrap their minds around is measurement; time, and weight especially. For someone who has lived only a few years, a minute represents much more of their existence than it does for someone who lived five or ten times as many years. Yet adults express time constantly. With children, the idea of these expressions transfer from concrete to abstract in ways that amaze and confuse adults. Cora has enhanced my life fabulously with her unique takes on time.

"I will eat this pancake after dinner I think Mom." She told me when confronted with some unwanted breakfast.

"Lets do that after later, is that a good deal?" Was her response to my request she clean her room. It was not a good deal, and when informed that she should do it NOW, she huffed and began.

"Next year, Tuesday." Is how she understood my refrain of "We are going to Nani's on Tuesday next week." I suppose years and weeks are difficult, they are both LONG.

Some things she gets right though. She knows that the farm market is Thursdays, and will ask about it when there are feet of snow in the back yard. Of course she did tell me that it was going to snow this week. However, as we live in Michigan, its still a possibility. I witnessed snow in July once.

As for weight. This is confused with time. Yesterday whilst I was working on a sewing project, Cora came up to me with a ruler, held it up and looked at me and said, "Yep. You are sixty pounds tall."

"How much are you?" I asked.

"I weigh thirty inches." She answered.

Actually she does weigh thirty pounds...hopefully a little more. As for me and sixty. I wish that were in Kilos and right. Oh well... baby girl three will delay me fixing that number the way I like it, as long as I don't start saying "after later" to the diet plan.

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