Sunday, May 24, 2009

Motivation and Mosquitos

Scenario One: The Mosquitoes of DEATH!

Driving back from Grand Rapids on Thursday, Cora, Nyobi and I let a cloud of mosquitoes into the car. As I sat in the drive way, smacking the little suckers, Cora demanded an explanation of my predatory behavior. "These aren't spiders or ants," I began. So far Cora's bug vocabulary includes these two small black ones and butterflies. "These are mosquitoes. They aren't bad, but they bite you and suck your blood."

Cora began pointing them out to me. I didn't think anything was odd about this behavior. After killing at least twenty buzzing terrors, I threw the car into reverse and began backing out of the drive way. A hideous scream of terror erupted in the back seat. It was the sort of terror that made me throw the car into park, ignore the grind of gears and unfastening my seat belt.

What met my eyes was not grievous injury. It was a tearful, frozen Cora staring at her foot. "Its eating my blood!" She said in horror. There on her foot was a mosquito.

Evidently you should not tell a three year old that something will eat its blood. She is now more terrified of mosquitoes than she is of any other insect. Hey! At least I didn't pass on my unreasonable fear of spiders!

Scenario #2: Motivation.

There are two people in this household who can be motivated by a can of beer. My husband and my one year old. They like different parts of the can of beer package. My husband likes the innards and Nyobi likes the shiny outer. Yesterday both parties were sitting on the floor. The innards beer lover was enjoying a can, and avoiding giving some of it to Nyobi.

Frustrated and highly motivated by one of her favorite and least received toys, Nyobi stood up on her pudgy little feet and proceeded to take not one, but four dangerous steps toward the lofted treasure. She did not get the open can, but she did get lots of cheers and hugs. Wait until she gets big enough to understand that her motivation toward her first few steps was a can of cheep American beer. Her uncles have much of work ahead of them.

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Michigan MOM said...

HURRAY for Nyobi! She sure is ready to run!