Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watering, and revenge of the amateur gardener.

I rushed out after dinner on Monday to plant my seedbeds in the garden. The sky grayed menacingly above as Cora, Nyobi and I feverishly drew lines, read instructions and popped seeds into the ground. When it was done I stared up hopefully, for the gray stormy picture to begin to rain.

It didn't.

I got out the sprinkler and began to water the seed beds. A light drop or two hit me, so I didn't "over water". God, I figured could take care of the rest. I went inside.

The next morning the same cloudy visage presented itself. The soil was damp, but with rain or just dew I didn't know. I waited. It didn't rain. I finally went out and began to water. It began to sprinkle, but I persisted to at least a lovely five minute soak. I came in damp, and hopeful for God to finish the rest of the watering.

It stopped sprinkling. The sun came out.

That evening, the same cloudy gray visage presented itself. The soil was damp still, but I was no longer hopeful for rain, given the fickle weathers past behavior. I went outside, watered for a few minutes. It began to sprinkle. I set the man made sprinkler for the back lot, and went inside.

It stopped its pitiful attempts at rain.

The next morning I woke at six AM. I lay down in bed and thought to myself. The sky is gray and overcast. It will probably rain. Then I thought. It hasn't the last three or four times I've operated under that delusion. I'm awake, I don't have children awake. I should go out and water.

No sooner than I thought this last thought, than the sky opened up in a blanket like down pour.

PS: The amateur gardener was correct. One should put a severed Tomato plant top in the earth, and provide good nutrients. They will take root when they are that small and tender. Silly Mom took it out and threw it away.

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