Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Issues

First off, Cora was a flower girl in her Aunts wedding this last weekend. Second, she was excellent. She participated in the petal sprinkling, and walked like she was supposed to. She enjoyed herself too. There are very few pictures of her standing still and smiling, but rather hugging arms, winking at the camera and making faces.

They are lucky she managed to make it down the aisle at her age. The other flower girl (and the older more responsible person) had to convince her that it was Okay that all the petals were not used. She was "finishing up" by throwing them AT the brides maids. Bored, she sat down in the chair set aside for the Bride, and was finally delivered to our pew.

Silence is not something children remember. With Nyobi, she usually doesn't talk much if the Nuky is placed in her mouth. However, she chose that particular morning to try and start conversations with the people behind me, and explain to me in a LOUD whining tone why she didn't want to be there. Cora was much better. She helped the father with his homely, and preteneded to read from the missal. How she manages to time her outbursts right at the points when the rest of the congregation falls silent I will never know.

I've decided I'm lucky though. I never MADE her go to the bathroom before the cerimony, a fact I realized about five minutes and one bouncy flower girl into the wedding. Do you have any idea how relieved I am NOT to have to deal with a loud "I need to go Potty!" request?

All in all, their Aunts wedding was beautiful and dream like. Coras finger missed the front of the cake frosting by a few millimeters. Nyobi didn't scream bloody murder, and the wee ones left the reception by 8 PM. Actually so did I. Partying and Mommyhood don't combine well, especially the in-vitro mommyhood type.

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michigan mom said...

But of course they were perfect and beautiful and the best ever! They are MY grandchildren!!!!