Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a great Mommy!

Recently Cora discovered her baby doll in her stack of toys. Actually I think we dragged it out from under her bed when we rearranged her room. We did the room thing Saturday. Its Tuesday evening and I can no longer walk in there. I have a strange feeling Nani and Gramma will have no sympathy with the latter.

The baby doll re-emerged, and came with a cute display of motherly adoration. The shopping cart became a pram, lined with a silk scarf, or Coras own special magic blanket. There was feeding, there was snuggling, and there was great neck support! For a while, Coras baby slept lightly in an impromptu crib made out of the foot stool.

Then Mommy and the girls went outside for a bit. Baby came too! She was cradled so nicely on her hip, just like Nyobi was on Mommy. Baby slid, baby sat next to the sand box. Baby got admonished for getting too close to the pool.

Then we went inside.

Half an hour later I glance out the door. There, lieing on the cement on the chalk "bed" Cora drew, in direct HOT sunlight was Baby.

What a great Mommy you are Cora!

She is a great little care giver. She is also only three. I couldn't ask for a better little helper to tell me important things like "Mommy, Nyobi found the splash!" and "I hear a Boo!" If she didn't leave her fake baby in the sun, or push her sister, or not listen I would be worried I did something terribly wrong.

On the other hand, perhaps the messy room is all the confirmation I need.

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michigan mom said...

Kelly, y ou are a GREAT!!!! MOMMY!!!!!