Monday, June 29, 2009

Learning important lessons about you new car.

After a disaster of a Monday morning, and owing to my eldests attempts to make ammends for her bad behavior and my pregnant need for onion rings, the girls and I decided to go out for lunch, and to the Rock Play Ground.  Actually, I said, "I want to go out to lunch."  and then added, "If you are good at lunch maybe I will take you to the Rock Play Ground afterwards." 

Cora heard  "Rock Play Ground." 

WE got out to our NEW Shiny car.  Cora watched Nyobi for me while I installed Nyobis car seat in said new car.  She is really good at watching Nyobi.  At 3ft 4inches, she serves as a little flag pole hovering over her sister, making it easy to spot both of them as they get into trouble.  Sometimes she even says things like "Mom, Nyobi just ate..." 

But I digress.  As I put in Coras seat, she explored the new car, moving my purse to the passenger seat, she ensconced herself as driver and inspected the new wild array of buttons, and tried out the horn.  I indicated to her that it was time to sit in her seat, and she dutifully returned to her chair.  She exclaimed happily over the middle spot, and helped me buckle her in.  Then I closed her door, walked around the car and pulled on the handle to the drivers seat.

It didn't open.

I tried again.

It didn't open. 

I tried every single door on the car.  They were ALL locked.  "My Keys!"  I thought.
Then I saw them sticking out of the purse, on the passanger seat.  Not only that, but the extra electronic lock fob was still swimming in the mess that exists at the bottom of said purse.

"Cora!"  I spoke loudly against the glass.  "Unbuckle yourself, please sweetheart and open a door for mommy!" 

Cora looks at me, then pops her thumb out of her mouth.  She gestures to the top buckle and my lip reading skills tell me she said she could undo it.  The bottom one when she points to it, she just shakes her head.

Great,  two days into owning a new shiny car, I manage to lock the kids and the keys in the vehicle at the same time.  How stupid can I get!  I silently berate myself as I stroll back into the house to call my husband owner of the only key not currently in the vehicle. 

I am brainless enough that I left my cell phone in the house, a fortunate mistake.  Unfortunately, the battery is dead.  Once I swallowed my pride and a uttered few choice words that my children should never hear, I  phoned my wonderfully understanding husband, who borrowed someones vehicle, having biked to work, and drove home to use the last key to let me into the car. 

Important lessons regarding new car.  Do not let your children play in the front seat where there is an auto lock button unless the keys are on your person.  Always keep some unlocking mechanism in the house.  Onion rings are not worth making faces at two puzzled children for ten minutes while waiting for someone to let you into your vehicle. 

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