Friday, June 5, 2009

Purple Dress, Purple Shoes

I would assume Coras favorite color is purple. How fortuitous that her bedroom came, pre-home purchase equip with carpet and walls to match. I suspected such a happy coincidence when her daycare lady showed me picture after picture colored with only purple crayons. There must be a "favorite color purple" gene attached to her Dads DNA, straight from Gramma.

Having recieved her birthday money from Great Grandma and Grandpa late (due entirely to MOM's fault), we stopped by the mall to acquire a present. Actually, we stopped to get a present, a new pair of summer sandels for her, and pants for the pregnant lady(my husband says the pregnant thing is entirely MOM's fault too.) She was only mildly interested in toys, she passed by the build a bear work shop with indifference, and she didn't appear interested in the hair fru fru store. Instead, she wanted to get cloths.

I can't blame her. Due to a bit of luck, her sister just got a brand new wardrobe for the summer and fall from a pre-yard sale. Its smashing cute outfits. Cora helped me fold them, and kept asking if it was hers or Nyobis. I could see the dissappointment when we ended the load with huge Nyobi stacks and not much Cora. Lets face it, having nice things can be very pleasant.

Thats where the purple dress comes in. It had cool india esque designs that she admired on the big girl cloths we passed. She literally began to strip to try it on the second she saw it. Amusing yes, but a little embarressing to yell at a child for trying to Nakify themselves in the middle of a clothing store.

She now has worn the dress for the better part of three days. She took it off to sleep at night only at my insistance, or threat of destruction. All her other new cloths lie forgotten in her drawers.

The best part for her, is that it matches the purple sandels. It also matches her purple room, purple carpet, and purple bed spread. She also might have purple toe nails.

Today we will go to the bike shop and variety store and see what else she wants to get with birthday money. I doubt even tassels for her bike or new sand toys will top the purple dress though. She glows with joy while wearing it.

I also need to wash it tonight, after I once again explain that dresses aren't for sleeping in. Then break down and explain that if she insists in sleeping in it I will have to get rid of it. One of these days she's going to call my bluff, and I'll be forced to eat my threat.

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