Monday, June 15, 2009

Rite of Passage; Cora is officially Autonomous.

What I mean is, Cora demonstrated to me today that she acknowledges her power to make personal changes. Today she wanted short hair. She cut it. I should be grateful she did not decide to trim her sisters pitiful locks. I think I can still make a handy pony tail. She is thrilled with the results.

Actually she did a pretty good job of cutting it too. As the photo illustrates, she never got around to her left side, but the stuff she did is fairly even, considering the body contortion of the last snip I walked in on. The scissors are gone though. Mom might have broken them in a fit of pique at her discovery. Why couldn't she hack up that awful fluffy pink skirt that she was wearing at the time?

I asked her why she decided to cut her hair. She told me she wanted short hair "like Mommies." Flattery tends to soften ones anger, that and the realization that a crying cringing three year old will NOT cooperate as you finish the task they started. As I also had the added assistance of the one year old trying to climb on my lap or eat the hair clippings, I took a deep breath before I began to cut (with my scissors, not hers).

Why am I secretly more upset over her new hairdo than anyone else? I guess I loved the long hair princess look more than my independent girl. We'll go to the barber and have someone else finish the damage control tomorrow.

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