Monday, July 6, 2009

Blackberry Bonus!

Our house came with a well planted back yard.  Some enterprising bird also delivered a bonus to the previous residents that they either did not recognize or did not enjoy.  There are blackberry bushes, wrapped around the base of the flowering cherry.  Its quite a bonus.  Cora went out every morning last month to check on their progress.  I thought this was an excellent bonus.  Nothing like a tasty treat to draw your children out into the sunshine.  Then, as they discover the berries are not quite ripe they wander away to the sand box, or pick flowers and play in their fort. 

This week the berries are ripe.  They are so ripe and plentiful the flavorful little wild black bunches produced filled an entire childrens bowl this morning.  As Cora and I circle the bushes and pick, I feel like there is no end.  As I get to where I started there are new ripe orbs glowing purple in the sun.  Nyobi happily brings me back to present by doing something painful, like banging a spade on my bare foot. 

This mornings breakfast consisted of black berries, milk or coffee, and cereal.  The girls ate the berries more so than the cereal but somehow I can not complain.  Fresh picked produce outweighs boxed processed grains in my health index. 

As I sip my coffee and feed Nyobi the last of her cereal, I have only one question remaining.  Why did the birds not drop off some stain remover to help me with all the purple pink laundry stains?  I mean really, it is not THAT heavy.

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michigan mom said...

Did you eat ALL those berries????