Friday, July 24, 2009

Library Club Crazy

My children signed up for the library club this week. Reading a child two books earns them one sticker. Fourteen stickers gets you a coupon for a personal pan pizza. The club started the beginning of June, and ends the last day of July. The track sheets have enough space for eight rows of seven stickers each. Simply put, if someone read their child two books a day most of the days the club ran, they would fill out the sheet. At twenty eight, a book every other day would have sufficed.

In four days, we read well over twenty-eight books. I created a new rule that all books be different out of necessity. I had to. Cora found a book called "Bad Kitty" (by Nick Bruel) that she and I read a total of eight times, and she read it to herself at least twice every day since we checked it out. Nyobi spent one evening on my lap, and in a half an hour read "Moo, Baa, La-la-la" (by Sandra Boynton) twelve times. I actually read it with my eyes closed the last few renditions.

We now have seven days left in the program. If we make one more trip to the library we will finish that sheet. If we make one trip to a book store, I will be able to return "Bad Kitty" and Cora will not be a "crabby girl, because you made me give back the Bombay Bad Kitty book".

Wait... did I just whine about Cora loving books? I take that back. If I have to read about the cat that "Zeroed the Zinnias" two-hundred more times in my life, at least they are not staring at a TV screen watching Oxyclean commercials.

Now if only I could quit dreaming about singing pigs.

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wendy said...

moo baa la la la!!!!