Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blue Jean Buy In.

Anyone who has witnessed the clothing consciousness of Cora can tell that she genuinely CARES about what she is wearing.  Actually she cares about what anyone is wearing or smells like, and will kindly and ungraciously inform perfect strangers about appearance flaws and odor issues.  Leave it to a child to make one feel like crawling under a table in embarrassment.

Aside from all her peculiarities, she does NOT, or rather did not like anything made of thick, un knit material.  Blue jeans, denim, and corduroys never stayed on her body for long periods of time.  She was more apt to wear only my bra and run around the house than the groovy purple owl pants.  She liked the owl pants.  She just wanted to look at them, though, not wear them.  After one winter of continuous refusal, I consigned these garments to the "next child" box, and chucked them down stairs to the storage room.

Well the "next child"  is currently trying to set growth records, which will be immediately broken by her new cousin.  Nyobi (almost 15 months) is currently in a size 2T.  Her diaper butt could almost use a 3T, but her stubby legs are still in an 18 months size.  The chest filled with blue jeans and purple owl pants resurfaced this weekend.  With the help of both children we dug through the chest and refilled Nyobis drawers with her new stylish wardrobe.

Amongst the discarded jeans, Cora discovered a pair of extra large jeans a girlfriend kindly gave me, whose boy fit the Nyobi growth pattern.  These particular pants were a 4T that was tight in the waist.  Cora pulled them out and asked, as she had with the last few pairs of knit pants "are these mine?"

"They could be yours if you like them."  I answered carefully, folding another pair of cute blue jeans for my other daughter.

"These are itchy though."  she says, staring at them.

"You don't know that unless you try them on."  I point out, trying hard to ignore my growing excitement.  Cora is an independent spirit.  She decides many things for herself, and I am best to point out logical choices and leave her to act. 

"Okay."  she says, then she proceeds to try them on immediately.  "Hey!  These are NOT itchy, and they have a zip just like Daddy!"  She says, sucking in her scrawny little gut to button them up.

Not only are they not itchy, but they are a lot tougher than knit leggings.  Its not time to run out and buy fifty two pairs of little girl jeans for Cora yet, but I think its safe to say she is over her aversion.  Two days running she has hung out in the new found wonders.  It helps that Daddy has jeans, though it did puzzle me why she associated zips with Daddy.  Then it occurred to me.  Cora's functioning memory of Mom includes two pregnancies and I have yet to try on maternity pants with a functioning zipper.

Oh and did I mention that Nyobi loves cordorois?  Cute purple owl pants here we come!

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