Friday, August 28, 2009

High Glass Entertainment

Today, Nyobi came wandering down the hallway with a new find.  A glass of water from my room clapsed between her hands, she took one or two steps then stopped.  She giggled, then shook the glass suddenly up and down.  It didn't slip out of her hands.  Instead the small ammount of water in the glass splashed up and fell back into the glass (mostly).  The sprinkles on her face made her crinkle up her eyes and nose,  the noise made her giggle again.

She managed to giggle shake wander into the living room before she noticed me.  She suddenly gets big eyes, looks at the glass and then at me.  In an attempt to take off, she gives the glass a giant shake, splashing all the water out, all over the library book, table, herself, carpet and my foot. She was having a ball with a simple device we take for granted.

Of course,  I did confiscate the High Ball Glass.  It was real glass, and not something an one year old should play with.  And I set the library book to dry.  No great harm was done, but perhaps I should not leave glasses within Nyobis reach anymore.  Coffee would be much tougher to clean up.

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