Wednesday, August 5, 2009


The children, forced rest and general bad mood have made writing difficult these last few weeks.  Who knew the hormones of pregnancy could make one view life so negatively that humor failed to surface about the every day gripe that constitutes human communication.  Wait, that last sentence is depressing, and this has nothing to do with the current trend. 

The Current Trend is Scissors.  It is important for two reasons.  First cutting things helps Cora learn fine motor skills, shapes, destruction and texture.  She has a new (identical to the broken pre-first haircut) pair of childrens safety scissors.  She loves them.  She cut all the coupons for me, after I was done cutting the ones I wanted.  She cut the frillies in the edge of her birthday sign for dad.  She cut the wrapping paper, a mask, and when I asked her, used her scissors to cut open the giant package of paper towels. 

Outside, she spent a good twenty minutes today trimming the lawn, with her little blue safety scissors. 

Safety Scissors.  Being a parent, I felt that term would constitute scissors which though dangerous for cutting, didn't have as finely honed blades nor points that they could seriously damage household items without the direct application of force.  What I expected them to cut was paper, maybe cardboard, thin plastic, and by accident fingers and hair. 

But NO!  No,  Cora managed to cut something today I thought it impossible for safety scissors in the hands of a 3 1/2 year old to penetrate.  She cut and or stabbed a can of pop.  As it hissed and sprayed out of the side of the can, she sat on the floor calling out to me.  "Mom!  What is the Pop Doing?" 

Her scissors cut aluminum.  How does that constitute any remote chance of safety for 3 1/2 year old? 

Hey, what is that Pop doing?  I think I have a science lesson fizzing all over my kitchen floor. 

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