Monday, August 31, 2009

Slow Mind

In our morning sit down time, Nyobi decided she wanted to be naked.  She took off her pants, then got stuck in her shirt, requiring me to rescue her.  I let her run off with only her diaper on.  Some days she likes that. 

Today the diaper was too much.  She quickly stripped it off and plunked herself down, facing me under the TV.  As I slowly began putting my crochet stuff back in the bag and getting out of the comphy chair, I watched her reach down and touch the carpet between her legs. 

"Oh no you didn't!"  I said, it suddenly dawning on me why she decided that she HAD to be naked.  Sure enough, under where her butt was on the carpet is a little puddle.  The diaper I scooped up with the unclothed child was dry though. 

My slow mind should have realized that this wasn't your every day baby strip.  Well at least we can start potty training early if this behavior keeps up. 

PS:  I need to clean the carpet in the living room and install those fake wood floors.

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