Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sometimes life is reduced to lists.

For instance, this is a list of things I have taken out of the toilet since Nyobi learned to walk. 

2 full rolls of toilet paper.
Nyobis lovey (at least 3 times in the last week alone)
3 Nukies (this is why you boil disinfect).
Plunger at least 5 times.
24 Toilet brushes (or rather one toilet brush 24 times)
4 shirts
2 paint brushes.
1 dress
1 pair of size 4 panties.
8 towels or wash cloths
1 tooth brush (trashed)
2 fish (plastic)
148 small hands (immediately washed, and all belonging to the same child)
1 match box car
1 diaper (hey, at least she is getting the idea)
1 cat (plastic)
1 cat (not plastic)

I am so glad that Nyobi has not learned how to flush. 

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