Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to feel like a hero in five easy stitches

Today I finished a pair of impromptu and totally made up slippers for Cora.  They are slip-on crocheted wonders.  I use the word "wonders" only because the balls of brightly colored yarn look almost identical.  After the first one was finished Cora was so enamored with them she wanted to wear it around outside one footed.  I had to explain that I could not remember how to make number two without the first as a guide.

Molified she waited the hour or so it took me to finish the second slipper.  Once she tried them on and held her feet out to be admired, she began to exclaim.  "This is what I always wanted Mommy!  They are perfect!  They are absolutely beautiful.  You made me so happy Mommy!" 

The slippers are discarded on the floor by the chair.  They stayed on for less than five minutes.  The got put on only once after that.  I really do not care.  I made something for my eldest daughter, and she loved the gift and gesture.  If she never wears them again, I will see them and hear her little voice so filled with joy at her homemade footwear. 

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michigan mom said...

You ARE a super hero!!!!