Monday, September 21, 2009

Making Freinds

Nyobi is slowly learning the skills of making friends and sharing. Her targeted audience is NOT her big sister. No. Big sisters are for sitting on, biting, pulling hair, and giving really big hugs. Big sisters also torture little sisters though, so Mom does not interfere too much. Nyobis targeted freinds involve the cats.

First she learned to talk to them. She makes little realistic cat meows and noise to attract their attention. She coo's to them, and gently patts their sides. She snuggles her face into their bodies, she gives them kisses. They tolerate it until the arm snakes out around their body or grabs their paws or tails. Then they either bite or wack her hard and run away.

Now she is starting to recruit through other methods. She offers them her food, candy or sippy cup. She brings them toys. She even tried to put a necklace on Bombay. That attempt resulted in Neosporin and bandages. Mom and Dad keep telling her that kitties are your freinds if you pet them, but for her the treat of being able to body hug them like big sister is evidently the greatest goal.

At least I know she is determined. No matter how many wacks or nips she's taken, she still trys to recruit the two furry and ambivalent play mates.

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