Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Spooky night schedule for halloween.

Come share a night. 

8PM;  Nyobi goes to bed.
8:10 PM;  Nyobi goes to bed again.
8:15 PM;  Cora gets a snack.
8:20 PM;  Baby starts to nurse.
8:30 PM;  Cora goes to bed. \
8:40 PM;  baby gets a diaper change.
8:45 PM;  baby starts to nurse again, makes hideous pooping noises.
9:PM;  Baby stops nursing, burps and falls asleep on my shoulder.  I set her down, set up coffee for the morning and change into pajamas.
9:10 PM:  baby wants to nurse again (why is she so hungery??)
9:20 PM;  baby is done nursing, falls asleep on me again.  I move.  she wakes up and
9:40 PM;  baby wants to nurse again.
10:PM;  sleeping baby given to dad, I go to bed.
11:30 PM;  Dad wakes me up.  Baby is hungery, but dad made the diaper clean.
Midnight:  baby is done nursing.  I try and burp her, nothing happens.  I wack her so much she wakes up.
12:10 PM;  baby finally lets out a gentle belch and closes her eyes.
12:12 AM:  put baby in crib, and use rest room.  hoping to crawl back in bed.
12:15 AM:  baby cries.  Pick up baby,  baby belches like she was drinking beer from a kegerator not milk from a boob. 
12:20 AM;  baby goes to sleep and remains sleeping when placed in crib  (ALEHLUIA!!!)
2:14 AM;  I awake to baby crying.
2:16 AM;  Change babies diaper.  sit down and nurse baby.
3:14 AM;  I awake to find baby snuggled against my chest, still sitting in the nursing chair,  I put baby in the crib.
3:16 AM;  Baby starts to cry.
3:20 AM;  baby falls asleep and I put her in crib again. she immediately wakes up and sucks on her knuckles.  Her eyes say "I'm hungery Mommy!" 
3:22 AM.  feed baby again.
3:40 AM  put sleeping baby in crib. crawl back in bed.
3:45 AM  get out of bed, feed baby.
4:05 AM  put sleeping baby in crib.  crawl back in bed.
4:10 AM  get out of bed, comfort hiccuping crabby baby.  Put baby in crib. 
4:11 AM Hear diaper filling noises, baby smiles.
4:12 AM  change diaper, watch baby suck knuckles.  sit down and nurse baby.
4:30 AM  put baby back in crib.  pretend baby is asleep.  Ignore little "but wait..." noises.  Crawl back in bed.  Smile when noises subside.  Fall asleep. 
4:35 AM  Cora had a nightmare.  Tell her cats eat monsters, tuck her back in, turn on her bed light to frighten monsters away. go back to bed.  fall asleep.
5:00 AM  Go give Nyobi her nukie, tuck her back into bed,  turn out Coras bed light so Nyobi can fall asleep.
6:00 AM  Baby wakes up.  Go change and feed baby.
6:28 AM  while rocking baby, stare at clock and try and decide if you want coffee or to pretend to sleep for another 30 minutes more.  Decide on the sleep.  Place baby in crib.
6:35 AM  crawl into bed, close eyes.
7:00 AM  Husbands alarm goes off.  Nyobi wakes up, starts to crab.
7:05 AM  Get out of bed,  get Nyobi up, talk to Cora who also gets up, pass babies room, only to hear the sounds of her crabbing as well.
7:15 AM  sit down with coffee and milks for the big girls.
7:30 AM  Husband gets up.
7:40 AM  Baby gets up.  The day has officially started (but only because I'm on my 3rd cup of coffee...)

Good Morning!  I expect my insomniacs acceptance papers and membership badge in the mail tomarrow.  My husbands auxiliary membership will come after I remove the snooze feature from the alarm.  Oh well.  The children are cute and we can always sleep next year.

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