Thursday, November 19, 2009

The beginning of wrapping season.

I did it!  I am sucessfully most of the way done with my Christmas shopping and it is before Thanksgiving.  In a rhapsody of happiness, I even managed to wrap up the presents for my brothers family on the west coast and re-wrap that unsent baby present, and start them on their journey.  This is a miracle. 

My girls helped me wrap presents.  This was not a miracle, it wasn't even saintly.  I re-taped places where Nyobi, once wrapping accomplished decided that unwrapping was necessary.  I said "too much tape"  at least eight times a minute.  Grabbed scissors from Nyobi, and put the lid back on the wrapping paper box a couple dozen times.  After shoving all the presents back where they went and throwing out the left over ends of paper and the ribbon that got hopelessly tangled around the chair and the cat, I sat down and breathed deeply. 

Nursing Anya, I heard the sound of wrapping paper.  "I must be imagining it."  I informed myself.  "Too much wrapping on the brain.  I can SEE the presents from where I sit." 

After putting down a now full baby, I walked down the hallway to see what my two elder helpers were doing.  They had rescued three wrapping paper tubes from the center of Christmas wrap and were sword fighting with them.  The paper lay discarded in my room, unwrinkled and usable, if I could roll it up without the help of the cats. 

Ah yes.  It is wrapping paper season, when the children wait with baited breath for you to finish THAT roll, so they have another cardboard weapon to shred. 

I should have bough bigger presents. 

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