Thursday, November 19, 2009


My dear eldest daughter informed me that she did not want to eat.  "Why?"  I asked. 

"Because I will get big."  She told me matter of factly.  "And I don't want to get big." 

"How will you get big?"  I asked, wondering how, in the midst of a household that was supposed to be healthy centric, this little grain of anorexia was already implanted. 

"I will get big like Mommy and Daddy and Nani and Chelsea."  Cora answered.  "If I don't eat, I won't get big." 

I laughed.  I could not help myself.  This was a big that was entirely unrelated to eating disorders.  It was a childs attempt not to grow up.  "Thats called "growing up" not "getting big"."  I informed my daughter, "And you will do that regardless of whether you eat or not.  Besides, the trick is to eat good healthy foods, like apples and tomatos and yogurts.  That way you grow up and big the RIGHT way, not the wrong way." 

"Oh."  Cora answered. Her mind was turning though, attempting to figure out how big and growing up are different, or inventing another stalling tactic for sitting down at the dinner table. 

I guess I am doing something right.  Cora understands that life will change her.  Now if only I can make sure I show her the change is fun and exciting, so she will quit trying to stop it. 

Either that, or I need to cook something for dinner she likes.

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