Thursday, December 17, 2009

Note to self...

I found time to post!  Either that or my elder two girls have colds and woke up at six this morning.  It is officially eight thirty, and for the second time this month we ate breakfast already and are quietly enjoying our morning.  The last time we were up and breakfasted before eight thirty Nyobi gave me back her breakfast.  Regurgitated scrambled eggs and strawberry milk smells nasty.  Note to self; Nyobi gets car sick.

Cora is doing scratch ornaments.  I love scratch paper, but the idea of intended use is lost on Cora.  She does not scratch off cool designs in the paper, she scratches off all the black covering because she wants to show all the colors underneath.  They are beautiful.  She also painted some Christmas ornament sun catchers this week.  Most of them are black.  I cannot wait until she explains these odd penchants for self expression.

Nyobi is trying to figure out how to make the TV play.  She is my stealth child.  Whilst cooking last week, I lost my new pink handled chefs knife.  As I turned in frustration to my husband who was sitting at the table saying "I just set my knife down, where did I put it?"  I saw it attempting to slice a milk carton dog house in the living room.  I retrieved the blade sans incident.  Then I retrieved it the next day, and ironically two days after that as well.  Note to self; Nyobi can move chairs, likes pink.

To be fair, moving a chair around the kitchen was not my shock of the week.  That was courtesy of my biggest girl.  She came into the living room while I was nursing Anya with a handful of Tootsie Rolls.  As this candy contains milk products (and therefor Nyobi is not supposed to have it) we store it atop the refrigerator.  Even at 40+ inches, Cora is not able to reach it.  "No problem,"  I thought, "They probably fell off during morning milk/ coffee retrieval." 

When Anya finally decided she was full, I put her in her swing.  Strolling into the kitchen to pick up the bag of candy I met a sculpture to ingenuity.  On a kitchen chair, its rockers thrust through the bars to provide stability was our childrens rocking chair.  Small and compact, it created a nice step ladder effect that added the last few inches Cora needed to explore the top of the fridge.  As she stood beside me watching my reaction, the problem solver reached out and shook the chairs handle.  "It won't slip."  She assured me, referring to my earlier concerns over child created height enhancements. 

Note to self; New house rule is no stacking furniture.

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