Monday, December 28, 2009

The SEWING machine!

All Cora wanted for Christmas was a little sewing machine that came in a pink box so she could sew stuff herself just like Mommy.  She got it.  Instead of squeals of absolute excitement and insistancies of immediate use, her reaction was one of solid confirmation.  "Oh, He remembered."  she said, in reference to the scary man with the white beard.

Seriously, my four year old daughter is afraid of Santa.  She won't go near him.  She showed timidity in writing to him, and on Christmas Eve, she stated she HATED Santa.  I give it a year or two before his roll as the procurer of candy and cool toys fully sets in.  The Sewing machine was a big step.

This is not a highly built nor well made toy.  However, it does make a simple, large chain stitch, which is enough for one girl to work on many projects.  She is in love with it.  She sews seams into material, and then tears them out.  She quietly played with her own sewing machine for almost an hour yesterday, after helping Mom install batteries and RED thread. We started to make a pillow.  If she never plays with it again, the look on her face as she sewed her own seam for the first time made it worthwhile.    

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