Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Calm before the Storm

Cora is almost three. She listens well, she thinks things through, and she can even pick up after herself. For instance. She got the chair out of her room while I was busy vacuuming and talking to Nyobi and she got a piece of juicy fruit down off the mantle piece. When I yelled at her, She put the chair back in her room, but surremptuously hid the gum in her hand so that I wouldn't take it back from her.

Nyobi is six months, that means she is happy, can give you a hint of what is wrong, and sleeps through the night. She does not crawl yet though, and asside from the occassional super poopy diaper, or misplaced foot during a diaper change, she is quite docile.

This is the calm before the storm.

The second Nyobi starts moving forward, or walking my life is going to be a whole lot wilder. Actually, it might be prudent to switch rolls with my husband before they learn how to work together. I'd rather feel dumb at work, than while staring at matching pairs of blue eyes and a disaster I was certain I had prevented.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Things I Never Thought Would Annoy Me.

Cora loves doing dishes. I never thought it would annoy me to have a child happy to stand at the sink and scrub silverware while telling it its "dirty" and "needs to get all clean shiny YES! So you no dirty any more." However, there is always water where it should not be when she is done doing dishes. A couple times I have had to sponge out my spice turn around, because it was turned into an impromptu shower.

She also likes to "clean" the bathroom. Last time, she found some selsun blue in the cubbord and I walked in on a neon blue door, floor, tub and sink. I think I stopped her from cleaning the toilet. That is probably a good thing, or we might have ended up with the best groomed rears in the State. I actually keep all my soaps under lock and key, and have to remember to leave a bar on the counter with a towel for guests.

When she gets bored, she checks on her sister. Usually the idea of an extra pair of eyes peaking in on the baby isn't a bad thing. One extra assurance that the infant is breathing usually really appeals to me. However Cora will walk right up to the crib and hang off the side of it, and call out to her sister (in a voice our neighbors can probably hear in their sound proof bathrooms) "are you asleep Nyobi?"

And then, when the startled cry of a newly woken infant penetrates. "MOOOMM, NYOBI IS AWAKE!"

I just never thought her efforts to help with chores would annoy me. Especially as much as they do.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Super Movie Day

For the start of super movie day, Cora ran into the living room. She spread her arms in front of the TV, to assert her ability to do it herself. From the case she took out the missing Monsters DVD and very proudly showed it to the Mom.

Its nice to know she enjoys finding lost things. Its a monster start to a day of flu induced lazyness.