Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Instant pudding is better than Jello.

Cora likes jello better than instant pudding.

However, Jello making requires boiling water, and at least four hours to set the dang stuff. Instant pudding requires cold milk, and five minutes. When you are three, waiting four plus hours for a dessert is a very difficult accomplishment.

Last night we made jello. We put it in the fridge at 5:30 PM. At 5:35 PM I chased Cora out of the fridge the first time, admonishing her that checking the jello constantly would slow the setting process. Undeterred, I pulled her out of the fridge at 5:40 as well. This time I gave her a direct order, no Jello until after dinner.

She was sitting at the table before I even announced that the meal was finished.

In the hubbub of after dinner cleaning, cora went to check on her jello. In doing so, she spilled the extra cup all over my vegetables, the floor and her feet. After we deblued her body, she forgot the jello, or so I thought.

As I emerged from the shower, I found her curled up in her usual spot in front of the TV, a cup of blue and a white spoon in her hands. She looks up at me with a calm happy smile. "Jello is done." she says.

And sure enough, being a thoughtful child, she had placed jello cups at her parents seats at the table as well.

Next time i'll just make instant pudding.