Thursday, April 9, 2009

Time; the one resource you cannot purchase.

Finally I have two seconds to rub together some words for a blog post. Between the chemistry demands of constructing child number three, the life demands of child one and two, the work, the extra work, and the private goals, I ran out of time. When you are a Mom and time tick-tocks away, the laundry piles up, the dishes refuse to do themselves, and the elves forget to vacuum while you are out.

No problem! The solution is simple. You start cutting back on those things you don't really need. No more fancy shmancy cooking. Simple meals appear on the plates, and sometimes (forgive me evil pollution monster) the plates are paper. If it comes in a can/ box or prepared and frozen, its all good to me. The other way of cutting cooking time is take out, and though tasty, its also hard on the wallet.

Next you can cut back on your private recreation. My crochet hooks and knitting needles feel very neglected. My craft stuff just now became useful. It had to. Cora was running out of pants, and my sewing machine makes them just her size.

And the blog. That gets neglected also, because it takes TIME to write, and that is time I spend. My apologies to you whom read it, but in reality you have three months of good posts before the chemical reaction and the body changes associated will zap me of the time it takes to post again.

Perhaps I'll give up sleep instead. After all, who needs that?