Monday, June 8, 2009


Nyobi is my foodie. She likes to taste a variety of foods, and she finds ones she likes. For instance, she will eat multi-grain cheerios, but not the ones made out of bran. My floor will be littered with the dark brown cheerios at the end of a feeding session. Only one or two of them will be damp with evidence of tasting.

She also likes brownies. Actually, I don't know anyone who doesn't like brownies. Last morning I sat down to play some wake up board games online with a chunk of brownie. I sat Nyobi on the floor with her typical morning sippy cup of formula. She took a few happy sips and I took a bite of brownie.

She saw me.

She pulled the sippy cup out of her mouth. She stared at me as I took another bite, then looked down at her sippy cup with a look of perplexed disgust and then up at me again. Her eyes said it all. "How can you give me this crap and eat brownies in front of me Mom? Don't I deserve chocolate for breakfast?"

I can not stand criticism based on my inability to share fairly. After she ate half my brownie, she finished her now acceptable formula. I need to learn to eat in secret.