Thursday, July 16, 2009

A new form of bribery...

The Television in our house can be tired easily.  After one hour a day, it spontaniously communicates to Mom that it is time to turn off.  However, today it took a different tactic. 

Given my doctors, Moms and Husbands instructions to laze around a bit, I ensconsed myself in my comfy chair with my communication devices and turned on a bugs bunny movie for the kids.  When it ended, I decided I wanted to watch M*A*S*H.  There are just two problems.   First, my children tolerate my obsession with this show, meaning that if given any choice, or moodiness M*A*S*H is not on the menu.  Second, the disk is way over there, and Nyobi is eyeing my computer.  What to do what to do?

"Okay,"  I tell Cora.  "The TV should turn off now, BUT if you put in one of Mommy's Colonel Potter disks it should do okay for another hour."

"Really?"  she says.

She turns off the TV, and I think to myself.  Well I guess I do not get to watch my show.  Instead she rifles through the DVD drawer and turns it on again in a few minutes as a khaki menu pops up on screen.

"I gave it a nap to help it last longer."  She tells me.  Then she sees the moshi in the box next to me.  "Is the pink one for me?  Will you lick off the powder?"   

It seems we both learned a new form of bribery.