Friday, July 24, 2009

Library Club Crazy

My children signed up for the library club this week. Reading a child two books earns them one sticker. Fourteen stickers gets you a coupon for a personal pan pizza. The club started the beginning of June, and ends the last day of July. The track sheets have enough space for eight rows of seven stickers each. Simply put, if someone read their child two books a day most of the days the club ran, they would fill out the sheet. At twenty eight, a book every other day would have sufficed.

In four days, we read well over twenty-eight books. I created a new rule that all books be different out of necessity. I had to. Cora found a book called "Bad Kitty" (by Nick Bruel) that she and I read a total of eight times, and she read it to herself at least twice every day since we checked it out. Nyobi spent one evening on my lap, and in a half an hour read "Moo, Baa, La-la-la" (by Sandra Boynton) twelve times. I actually read it with my eyes closed the last few renditions.

We now have seven days left in the program. If we make one more trip to the library we will finish that sheet. If we make one trip to a book store, I will be able to return "Bad Kitty" and Cora will not be a "crabby girl, because you made me give back the Bombay Bad Kitty book".

Wait... did I just whine about Cora loving books? I take that back. If I have to read about the cat that "Zeroed the Zinnias" two-hundred more times in my life, at least they are not staring at a TV screen watching Oxyclean commercials.

Now if only I could quit dreaming about singing pigs.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am a good Mom.

This is a snippet of a conversation I overheard between Cora and another girl (about 5) at the library.  They are working on a wood puzzle of a kitty.  Cora started it and the other girl showed up in the middle. 

"I can help you!"  Other girl says.

"You have a pony tail!  I like ponys."  Says Cora ignoring the offer for help.

"I'm Anna.  Whats your name?"  says Anna.

"I am called Cora. Oh look here is the tail."  They work on the puzzle for a bit, and I emerge from the stacks with nyobi in the stroller.

"Thats my Mommy."  Cora says proudly, "and thats Nyobi."

"My Mommy told me not to talk to strangers, they might be bad people.  We shouldn't talk to strangers." Anna tells her, peering at me as I try desperately not to laugh and to continue searching for books as normal.

"My Mommy yells alot and drinks coffee.  She's a good mommy!"  Cora exclaims.

So, now I have the confirmation I never thought I would get.  I am a good Mommy.  Of course, there is this tingling sensation in the back of my mind that perhaps I do not want to be thought of as a good Mom for my vocal demonstrations or beverage choice.  Why do they chose those items instead of the cooks fabulous food, reads to me, hugs me, or takes me cool places?

Maybe when it is all totaled up, the yelling IS important.  Sometimes I think the worst thing a parent can do is NOT set reasonable boundaries for their children, or not enforce them.  Its physically dangerous, but it is also psycologically dangerous as well.  Whether we like it or not, our world comes with laws.  Laws are limits.  If, as a child we never learn that there are limits, we will be unprepared to face the adult world ahead of us. 

Excuse me.  I have to go drink coffee and kick two troublemakers out of the bathroom.  This time I am going to try and moderate my tone.  Maybe next introduction I will be "talks through her teeth and drinks coffee." 

Monday, July 20, 2009

Definately a Trouble Maker

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed the development of a certain streak in Nyobis personality.  I am not enthused.  This child, at just over one years, understands the word "No".  She also understands that a parents arms are only so long and she moves only so fast. 

"No"  Dad and I said to her as she banged her butt against the french windows.  She grinned, stood up, and proceeded to smash her diaper padded rear into the glass as hard as possible.  As I started rising from the chair to grab her, she took off as fast as her chubby little legs would go. 

"No"  Her Dad told her, watching her splash in the side of the kiddie pool.  She turned around and looked at him standing on the steps, and proceeded to put her whole face into the water.  Obviously she will not have too many issues with swimming.  It is also nice to know that her Dad runs pretty fast. 

Even gentle admonishments are met with dissent.  With help, she was ensconced in the small wood rocking chair.  The antique used to be my Dads, but has found a loving group of owners in my little girls.  Nyobi will sit there for her occasional evening TV time.  This TV did not hold her attention. No matter.  She dropped her Lovey on the ground, then proceeded to half stand, half kneel on the rocking chair, lean forward precariously and reach down and retrieve it. 

"Lets not do that again."  Mom suggested.  She glanced up.  There was a merry little light dancing in her eyes.  She threw the lovey off toward the front, meeting my gaze the entire time.  "Uh OH"  the little Imp said, and began to position herself for the dangerous retrieval again.

She also enjoys climbing up on said chair herself.  During that same movie segment (having been removed from the seat)  she was entertaining herself by attempting to climb back up.  When her inventive, over the arm method, resulted in her tumbling side ways her leg jammed in the rung, she appeared astonished but not too upset.  Her Dad removed the leg, and moved the wood chair out of her reach.  She stood up.  Looked at the chair then stared at her dad.

With slump of shoulders and a boo noise her whole stance summed up her feelings.  "Dad you took away all my fun!" 

I am blaming his genes for this sort of behavior.  From his own recount and his Moms, he was definately a trouble maker.  Somehow I have an odd feeling that the emergency room and Nyobi will see alot of each other.  As she gets bigger I am definately throwing my camera in my purse whenever we go out.